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Automotive AC systems seem like they could be complicated, to some they may be and to others, not so much. Typically the air conditioning in your vehicle will not need much repair as long as the system has been properly serviced and maintained.

If your air is not working in your vehicle there are a few things you can do to narrow down what may be causing this issue. because it is a closed system, your ac should continue working unless there is a problem. 

  1. First determine if  your air conditioning blower is working. Turn the ac system on and turn adjust the dials to full blast. If there is air blowing out of your vents than your blower is working.
  2. You can attempt to visually inspect the ac lines and connections and look for any moisture with a grease type of appearance. If you see anything like that, it could very well be that the ac system has a leak and will need to be repaired.
  3. You can have your ac system checked for leaks as well. There is ac refrigerant with dye in it. You can have your ac system charged with this dye, drive for a few days while the air runs, the dye will be visible with special ac leak inspection glasses.

Differences in ac recharging services you should be aware of.

There are two different methods often referred to as "recharging" your ac system. One method involves just adding refrigerant or "topping-off" the system. This as you can imagine, is simply adding the proper amount of refrigerant to your ac system. This is often effective for a short time unless you have a serious leak.  This method is less expensive than the next and will give you cold air for a period of time. Keep in mind if your ac is in need of "topping-off" it usually means there is a leak somewhere in the system.  

The next type is called "evacuation and recharge" this method involves completely emptying the ac system of refrigerant and adding new at the exact amount required by your vehicle manufacturer. This method although more expensive than a "top-off" will ensure the best possible performance of your ac system.

If you have found yourself in need of a recharge be sure to have a full leak test and inspection done to insure you don't waste any money. If the ac system is leaking, the leaks have to be repaired or you will end up topping-off or recharging your system more often and spending more money in the long run than having the leaks repaired and the system recharged.

In any event if you are in need of a quality, and honest, inspection and don't want to worry about potentially getting duped into a service you may not need. Grand Pointe Automotive has highly educated and experienced, certified technicians that will inspect, diagnose, service, or repair your ac system, to get you back to cool as quick as possible!

If you have never experienced the level of service and quality of Grand Pointe, do yourself a favor and give us a visit. Our customers are some of the happiest and satisfied customers auto repair facilities can hope to have, because we operate from the "Golden Rule", we treat you like we want to be treated.

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